With the holidays and finals quickly approaching it's always great to spread a little cheer! Below are 10 ideas for how you can do your part in paying it forward and putting a smile on others faces!

1. Bring donuts to work or class.
2. If you walk by a car with an expired meter then drop a quarter in it.
3. Leave behind a copy of a book you're done with at the library.
4. Leave candy out for your neighbor on their door step.
5. Leave a small gift card at a gas pump.
6. Leave a stack of quarters at a laundromat.
7. Leave change in a vending machine.
8. Tuck flowers under random windshield wipers.
9. Take socks and or gloves to the homeless.
10. Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line.

Never forget how something so small can go so far and put a smile on a stranger's face! It's always important to leave a little good in this world!